I am starting to spread the news, promoting the concept of if you aren’t a vegan, and you drink milk from commercial sources, you are contributing to a system that slaughters cows. To offset that, you need to donate regularly to cow protection programs.

Visitors to my blog may have noted that I have added a widget in my sidebar where the connection to my fundraising page for GEETA ( an organization that protects cows) can easily be gotten to. GEETA is one of many cow protection programs that will accept your donations.

I am trying to get this idea of karma offsetting out of the realm of the theoretical and into the practical by telling people about my fund raising page. I just got an article on Dandavats so hopefully more devotees than just my readers will be exposed to the idea.

Beyond exposure, the greater hope is that you, my readers, will actually act on the premise and every time you buy some milk products, put something aside to give. Then once a week or month or whenever, donate to GEETA or any other cow protection program that you choose.

The greatest hope is that some of you will embrace the concept so much that you will start your own fundraising page for GEETA (or some other program) and help promote cow protection to your own friends and family.