Okay, not exactly technically true, but I did get cited on a blog connected to it, The Situationist. At the high school I went to, Exeter, getting into Harvard was the goal of life, so it amuses me to say I got into Harvard. FYI, one reason I rooted against the Patriots is because their coach went to our arch rival, Andover (which is the same reason I don’t like George Bush — he went there also).

Here is a self description of the blog:

” There is a dominant conception of the human animal as a rational, or at least reasonable, preference-driven chooser, whose behavior reflects preferences, moderated by information processing and will, but little else. Laws, policies, and the most influential legal theories are premised on that same conception. Social psychology and related fields have discovered countless ways in which that conception is wrong. “The situation” refers to causally significant features around us and within us that we do not notice or believe are irrelevant in explaining human behavior.

‘Situationism‘ is an approach that is deliberately attentive to the situation. It is informed by social science—particularly social psychology, social cognition, and related fields—and the discoveries of market actors devoted to influencing consumer behavior—marketers, public relations experts, and the like.

“The Situationist is a forum for scholars, students, lawyers, policymakers, and interested citizens to examine, discuss, and debate the effect of situational forces – that is, non-salient factors around and within us – on law, policy, politics, policy theory, and our social, political, and economic institutions. The Situationist is associated with The Project on Law and Mind Sciences at Harvard Law School. To visit the Project’s website, click here.”

The post I was cited in was titled Patriots Lose: Justice Restored and was a quotation from my post Karma Kicks Patriots In The Butt. The general theme is pretty much in tune with my own premise and includes quotes from lots of bloggers, including others who use the term karma.

And yes, the quotation did include my reference to Krishna so for those who judge an article by the number of times His Name appears, it was a good article.

I bring this up not so much to glorify my own ego (well, maybe just a little bit of that) but more as evidence for a point I made in a discussion I was involved in about whether devotee news sites should have articles about “mundane” news. My premise in the discussion is that it could be a good thing because it may bring traffic from search engines to the site that would never otherwise come there.

This would certainly be a case in point.

Though to be fair, the argument was more about whether news articles should be posted without a devotee commentary on that news, so in that regard this isn’t the best example, but does demonstrate that dealing with news stories can draw from search engines. That traffic won’t know in advance if there is commentary or not. The idea is once the traffic is there, it is exposed to other ideas on the site.