The Super Bowl is the High Holy Day of consumer culture, where all aspects of modern life combine into a perfect storm of sense gratification. How can I rationalize watching it? Here is a try.

If we accept the evidence of scripture, then we know that Krishna is everywhere, ergo He must have also been at the Super Bowl. If He was there, what lesson did he give us to learn?

The Patriots made it to the Super Bowl after having a perfect regular season. Only once in the 40 plus years of the Super Bowl, has a team made it to the Super Bowl with zero losses and then won it to make a perfect season.

The Patriots were a great team and blew most of there opponents away. They had a few close games but seemed to have a higher power taking their back. The fourth down timeout call with Baltimore, the Pittsburgh game where their All Pro safety couldn’t play because of injuries and his backup got torched for two long touchdown plays, the AFC championship, the last game to get into the Super Bowl, where both San Diego’s quarterback and leading receiver played injured, and their All Pro running back, who was the leading rusher in the entire NFL for 2007 had to sit out the whole game because of injury.

Not only were they a great team, but they seemed to have fate on their side all season every time “luck” entered into it.

One fly in the ointment. Early in the season, they were caught videotaping the defensive signals of their opponents in a game. This is illegal and considered cheating. The results of the game were let stand, but the coach was fined 1 million dollars and the Patriots lost a draft choice in the 2008 draft.

Now, it seems to me, that the perfect season up to the Super Bowl was simply Krishna setting them up, as karma for their cheating, for the ultimate pain — losing not only the Super Bowl but the chance at a historical 19-0 season.

If you wanted to cause the team an enormous amount of pain for the cheating, what better way than to let them get so tantalizingly close. They had the lead with only 2 minutes left in the game, and then victory was snatched from their jaws by the Giants’ game winning miracle drive.

Anyone who has played in a meaningful game knows what the pain of defeat can be, and in this case it was amplified to a huge degree.

The cheating was nectar in the beginning that became poison in the end (See Bhagavad Gita 18:38). Karma is inexorable.