I went to my appointment with the Hepotologist and he verified my conclusion that the interferon treatment isn’t working so we are stopping it.

He said that there is still a 5-10% chance it might succeed, but quality of life issues make continuing not a good choice. We are going to stop for three months, then consider restarting with a different version of interferon.

It will take about a month for the drugs to work out of my system so I have to continue having blood work done and keep taking the Procrit and Epogen to bring my white blood count and hemoglobin back towards the normal range.

I have to be optimistic that I am going to bounce back. Before I started taking the interferon, I had worked up to a 3 mile walk occasionally, so hopefully I can met and exceed that sooner than later.

If I don’t, I’ll have to hire someone to split up my firewood and bring it into the house, clean my stovepipes, and replace the rusted out interior stovepipe on the wood cook stove in the kitchen.  In my current situation, all that is a no go. Lots of the normal chores of rural living are out of my grasp; would be nice to be useful again, if even only for a while.