Album: Mann ke Manjeere (EMI-Virgin)
Artiste: Shubha Mudgal

You are the perfume of earth
In mud caked hands…
You are the droplets of sun
beading a forehead.
Many strengths lie in your slender hands
Much relief in your shade

It’s your breath that kindles the hearth of life
It’s your rhythm that life sways to
It’s the glint of your ear rings
That the sunlit crops wear

You are the dusk that falls
On sun baked earth
You are the promise of the dawn
After searing dark nights

A lone beacon shining
for the sleepless.

You, who the winds salute
You, who the seasons hail
You, who even the dust adorns
Flow, flow like a stream now
And nourish the earth

The hum of many conch shells
Echo in your tired breath
Wings of hopes still flutter
In the blue skies of your mind
The gathering darkness
Is the kohl of your eyes.

Translated into English by Ramanuj Shastry