We started the week with 3 days of near record high temperatures. This means the natural cycle is moving like it is on fast forward. Our forsythias showed bud color one day and in three days were fully blossomed out. Compared to watching a carrot grow, that is heady stuff. Some years the process starts and stops with dips in the weather and can take several weeks to open.

I got a call from one of my nurses yesterday and ended up having to go down to the emergency room and get a shot of Neupogen because my white blood count had dropped too low. That would be 1.9 (4.5-11.5 normal range) for the doctors in the house. This is a side effect of the interferon treatment.

Another side effect is the dropping of my hemoglobin levels. While I haven’t been in the normal range (13.9-16.3) for years, I have been pretty steady in the 12s since the transplant, but the test 4 days ago had dropped to 10.9 so I will have to get some shots for that.

I thought she said it was Epocrit but can’t find any official page for that drug so maybe misheard. I also may be assuming it is for the hemoglobin – it may be for red blood cells as those are also low.

I have been told to not take my interferon shot this Wednesday and to report to UPMC for an examine this coming Thursday and see how I have responded to the boosts.

Hopefully Muktakesh will be out of the ICU by then and I could talk to him while in Pittsburgh.