I set off walking for the temple Sunday. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, and my forsythias were showing bud break color. The daffodils on the south facing bank by Floyd Coffield’s old house across from Bahulaban are an early variety and they were blossomed out.


By the time I got half way up the hill past Bahulaban, it was obvious I wasn’t going to make the whole trip walking so I got a ride with Shyam and his son to the Palace. I got out there to see the crocus. There used to be a lot of them but only a few have survived the decades.


Walking into the Palace grounds I could smell the witch hazel in bloom on the Palace lawn. It is the second tier of shrubs so you don’t really see them but the scent is strong enough to massage you as you walk in.

I walked through the pasture down to the temple past Vrisham who was out grazing.


After I got home I crawled up on the roof of our garage where we let a Sweet Autumn Clematis grow and cut it back so it doesn’t get too strangled by older, less vigorous growth. You are supposed to do that every year but I can’t even remember the last time I did it.