I have a little row of 4 red bumps along my incision scar. I was itching a lot there and scratched without self control until the raised scars where the metal staples were got scraped off and now have little mini scabs on them. There is the long scar of the incision and on each side is a row of little white dots where the metal staples went in on each side.

The itching is good because it means the nerves have regenerated. There had still been an area of desensitized skin along part of the incision that I had thought was going to stay that way but just now, 10 months after the operation, feeling has returned.

I am sure that all of you have had this experience when you have scraped some skin off a knee or shin or something and as the scab healed it got itchy. This is standard operating procedure for regeneration of tissue after injury. Itching is part of healing.

The nice thing is it gives me some solace in the hope I will recover more in my energy levels, that the healing process is still ongoing. Because right now my wind is shot and it seems a little bleak day to day otherwise.

“When there was a separate manifestation of skin, the controlling deities of sensations and their different parts entered into it, and thus the living entities feel itching and happiness due to touch.”

SB 3.6.19