We had the temperature dip down to normal for a couple of days, but we have bounced back to 10 degrees above again. Average temperature for this date is 38 degrees (5 C), but it is back into the upper 40s and 50. It has been that way all month.

The strange thing is that in October into early November, we averaged around 40 degrees and never got up to average temperature for that time of year which is 50 deg. Hence, October was colder than December, which is backwards. Relative to average temperature, it is a 20 degree (11 C) swing.

Global warming is the wrong term for what is happening. That sounds sort of nice to us living in the temperate zones. Unfortunately, gluttonous consumption of fossil fuels, coupled with naturally occurring production of carbon dioxide, is accelerating climate change at an unnatural, unhealthy rate.

Climate chaos might be a better term. While I was still market gardening, the uneven nature of the weather was making growing food harder and harder. A grower needs to be able to rely on relatively predictable weather patterns in order to time his crops, and to choose appropriate crops. Naturally occuring plant and animal species are unable to shift the range of their sustainable areas to keep up with the geographical shifts in weather patterns. They are disappearing.

This is all a bit abstract for those whose connections to the earth have been so effectively severed by the oil related industries, so they ignorantly, blissfully, drive along after the carrot, dangling in front of them, of material happiness based on consumerism. This lifestyle is subsidized by the sacrificial spilling of human blood clotting the sands of oil rich regions and the slave labor of peasants forced into the cities by government subsidized agribusiness flooding third world countries with cheap grain.

What is a poor concerned person to do? Voluntary reduction of consumption is a big start. The wealth of a brahman is austerity. Wearing a string, don’t mean a thing. It isn’t mantra chanting and profile cutting that makes someone a brahman. It is austerity.

Vegetarianism is an example of austerity anyone can perform. Feeding grains produced by fossil fuels to meat animals who produce large amounts of greenhouse gases is a very inefficient way to get your protein.

Slow climate chaos: be a vegetarian and buy locally produced foodstuffs. Walk. Turn off the electronics and tune into the potential of your own brain. Wear a sweater and turn down the thermostat. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.