In one of today’s posts on the Brijabasi Spirit, there is a thumbnail of the temple room taken from the entrance side showing the decorations for the the various Solistice time Holy Days. This includes, though is not limited to, Christmas. Click on the thumbnail to see it full size.

The celebration will be a typical devotee one. We are going to go to the temple for this evening; easier than doing something on our own. Another excuse for a festival, and there seems to be a lot of guests rolling in.

I suspect there isn’t much of a Solstice festival in Vedic tradition because in the tropics the day length variation isn’t as pronounced as it is in the Temperate zones.

Gopal drove over to Morgantown and picked up Marken and is bringing him home because Marken is having car trouble. Tulasi is in Pittsburgh working at a mall with Balabhadra and will be home late tonight. He says he has been working 15 hour days. FYI that is the reason why Balabhadra hasn’t been blogging. He makes his personal money doing a mall at Christmas, so he has been away from home. Then he uses all of the donations he gets for the cows directly for them.

I am going down to the temple to take a picture of the two new calves that were born at the barn during yesterday’s mangala arotik. I tried to yesterday, but when I took my camera out of its holster, the button slid to Macro, and the flash wouldn’t fire. I was home before I figured it out.