“Thus Arjuna saw the Sesa Naga form, and he also saw that on the very soft, white body of Sesa Naga, Lord Maha-Visnu was lying very comfortably. He appeared all-pervading and very powerful, and Arjuna could understand that the Supreme Personality of Godhead in that form is known as Purusottama. He is known as Purusottama, the supreme or best Personality of Godhead, because from this form emanates within the material world another form of Visnu, known as Garbhodakasayi Visnu. The Maha-Visnu form of the Lord is also called Purusottama (Purusa-uttama) because He is beyond the material world. Tama means “darkness,” and ut means “above, transcendental”; therefore, uttama means “above the darkest region of the material world.” Arjuna saw that the bodily color of Purusottama, Maha-Visnu, was as dark as a new cloud in the rainy season.”

KB 89: The Superexcellent Power of Krsna

I am posting this for those who think scientists hold hard and fast positions: an admission they know very little about 95% of the Universe. These are only the first and last paragraphs of a long, detailed discussion.

Dark Matter Exists

“The great accomplishment of late-twentieth-century cosmology was putting together a complete inventory of the universe. We can tell a story that fits all the known data, in which ordinary matter (every particle ever detected in any experiment) constitutes only about 5% of the energy of the universe, with 25% being dark matter and 70% being dark energy. The challenge for early-twenty-first-century cosmology will actually be to understand the nature of these mysterious dark components…

“What about dark energy? The characteristic features of dark energy are that it is smooth (spread evenly throughout space) and persistent (evolving slowly, if at all, with time). In particular, dark energy doesn’t accumulate in dense regions such as galaxies or clusters — it’s the same everywhere. So these observations don’t tell us anything directly about the nature of the 70% of the universe that is purportedly in this ultra-exotic component. In fact we know rather less about dark energy than we do about dark matter, so we have more freedom to speculate. It’s still quite possible that the acceleration of the universe can be explained by modifying gravity rather than invoking a mysterious new dark component. One of our next tasks, then, is obviously to come up with experiments that might distinguish between dark energy and modified gravity — and some of us are doing our best. Stay tuned, as darkness gradually encroaches upon our universe, and Einstein continues to have the last laugh.”